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Your training needs are unique. Understand your fitness baseline and receive 1-on-1, actionable steps towards improving your health.

Coach Will Haywood

CANFITPRO Cert. Trainer, FST,
PN L.2 Nutrition Coach

Coach Will Haywood specializes in helping entrepreneurs, and busy professionals improve their health and fitness in the gym and build the proper habits outside it so they establish a healthy lifestyle. His background as a professional dancer allows him to be an effective communicator, helping his clients build body awareness and make significant progress when training.

His educational background reflects his passion and growth mindset:

B.A. Psychology
PN L2 Nutrition Coach
PN Sleep, Stress, Recovery Coach
Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Coach
Certified Online Trainer
Fascial Stretch Therapist
Neurotyping L3
Animal Flow L1
Movement Optimization L1


If you find it challenging to bridge fitness and healthy habits into your busy lifestyle, Coach Will Haywood will give you the support you need to make your vision and goals a reality.

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Will Haywood of Blacksmith Performance training a client
Toronto Personal Trainer Will Haywood working with a client
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The Difference Experience Makes

Improve your health, physique, and performance.

Make fitness part of your lifestyle

Know how to think, respond, and problem-solve your fitness.

Build confidence in the gym, and be able to navigate your training routine.

Become a role model for those around you.

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The team at Blacksmith Performance want to ensure you set off on your health and fitness journey on the right foot. Forging yourself is always unique to the person looking to improve -- contact us today to have a free consultation!

Client Success

"Will Haywood is a top level coach who is very knowledgeable, professional and an excellent communicator. He is a well-adapted trainer with a mastery of multiple disciplines from the basic principles of body compositional nutrition, fascial mobility, and all the way to the technical complexities of Olympic weightlifting."

Marc Gatus

"Will is an excellent trainer - knowledgeable, patient, kind, very experienced, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been training with Will for over a year. The program he creates for me is individualized and progressive, targeting specific fitness goals and needs."

Justin Chen

"Will is a great personal trainer. He cares about your development and progress. The workouts are geared towards your needs and level at which you find yourself. He regularly adjusts them as you gain strength and endurance. I highly recommend him!"

Joel Robichaud

"I definitely recommend Will to anyone looking for a major transformation. Not only did he helped me with my fitness goals but also building right mindset towards my fitness journey."

Pankaj Gautam

"As a fitness pro myself, I sought out someone I could trust to help hold me accountable and recover from old injuries. Will was that guy. He not only helped my achieved what I wanted but showed me what I needed, and that’s exactly what a coach should do. Whether you're looking for more strength, rehab, fat loss, athletics, nutrition advice or just general health & fitness, I’d highly recommend Will to help get you there."

Tamara Martell

"Amazing coach! Will truly cares about his clients and always takes the time to understand their needs and goals. He also designs great training programs that help people achieve their fitness goals. I would highly recommend Will to anyone who’s looking for a personal trainer! Keep up the great work Will!"

Jessica Wang

"Will offers a great distance coaching experience. The Blacksmith Performance App tracks your workouts daily and includes instructional videos if you get lost. When you reach out to him, he is quick to respond, always patient and understanding. If you are more experienced, I guarantee he will show you something new as he is highly educated. I feel fortunate to work with him and experience great results."

Alex Demanin

"Gyms can be intimidating and many personal trainers have a "plug in and go" kind of model but Will understands that every client is unique - with their own backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances - and that's because he actually takes the time to LISTEN, to get to know his clients specific needs - which goes a long way. He's also willing go the extra mile so that his clients reach their individual goals. All that PLUS a great attitude and smile - so workouts feel fun (but still challenging). Highly recommend!"

Vivek Shraya