Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascia is the connective tissue that accounts for 20% of our mass. Being 70% water and understanding that this tissue surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, and blood vessel, healing the fascia will improve our body on a cellular level and lead to a cascade of health benefits.

Helping Your Employees Feel Their Best

High-performing teams need to feel their best; Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) can help ensure your team has their personal health needs attended to after long hours in a chair, or moving your products across the floor.

Improve Performance

Fascia responds to our daily movement, past and present injuries, training, and stress. Regain range of motion and recruit more motor units to be at the top of your game.


Improve Recovery

Healthy fascia is a better cell environment for information exchange and movement of nutrients and toxins. This is the prime recovery state.

Improve Health

Movement is medicine. Fascial stretching takes the limbs and body through motion, improving blood circulation which can help with chronic pain and a cascade of health benefits.

Fascial Stretch Therapy For Every Athlete

This unique system of table-based, assisted stretching targets the fascia and joint capsule – key elements in achieving optimal results. FST™ is known for being quick, effective, and a pleasant method to eliminate pain, restore function, and improve movement and performance in all areas of life, fitness, and sports.

Try FST™ today and discover a new level of comfort and wellness!









Fascial StretCh Therapy Pricing

Learn About Fascial Streth Therapy

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Client Success

"BACK PAIN GONE I had suffered a herniated disc last year and have been struggling to move past my sciatic nerve pain. In our first session, Will was able to assess and pinpoint what was causing my pain. Within 3 treatments I was feeling 90% and was able to compete in a CrossFit competition. I'm grateful for Will's thoughtful approach and impactful treatment. If you're struggling with back pain, I would 100% recommend a treatment with Will!"

Laura B.

"Man this is crazy; my posture is so much better, and I can actually get my shoulder blades to meet. I'm getting these great pumps during my chest workouts because the blood circulation has improved since my shoulders, traps, and pecs are no longer all glued together. My migraines are also less frequent."

Dave S.

"Will is so kind and chill. His energy is both relaxing and energizing. He makes me want to do better everytime I leave a session with him. Even when I don't there is no judgement, he is a true healer."

Sarah M.

"Wow, I could literally feel the blood rushing through my legs! I had the best leg workout after this! You have know idea how tight you are until you actually have an FST session"

Brittany G.

"My shoulder had been inflamed and was causing it to feel heavy and limp at rest. Will had focused on stretching my upper body and neck, and when he was done, it was the first time my shoulder/arm had felt normal since the pain had started a week prior. It wasn’t temporary relief either. I felt like the treatment really encouraged better circulation and expedited the healing process. Thanks again for that Will and all the shoulder strengthening exercises you gave me after for prevention."

Tahnee G.

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